SZSE Serves National Development Strategies as Capital Market Platform

date: 2017-2-28

— SF Holding Listed on SZSE via MA and Restructuring


SF Holding officially debuted on the capital market as the opening bell rang in the listing hall of SZSE on February 24, 2017. This is an amazing turnaround on the company’s road of growth, opening a new chapter in its history. After 23 years of hard work and efforts, SF Holding has become the flagship in China’s courier industry, standing as the No. 1 in market occupancy and profit scale in the industry. In 2016, its operating income reached 57.5 billion yuan with the net profit of 4.2 billion yuan.


SF Holding, STO Express, Yunda and other outstanding businesses in China’s courier industry have got listed on SZSE successively, which reveals the deep integration of the industry with the capital market and represents that the spirit stated in the State Council’s Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Courier Industry was seriously implemented in the capital market. SZSE will offer full support to the sound, standard and rapid development of the industry.


The SME Board, on which SF Holding was landed via restructuring, takes serving SMEs as its mission and is a crucial connecting force in building a multi-layer capital market. Through nearly 13 years of development, the SME Board has become an efficient financing platform for promoting the growth of SMEs, a significant channel for optimizing industrial structure and resources allocation, and a cradle for cultivating industrial flagship and leading enterprises. It supports listed companies to constantly improve their core competitiveness through diverse approaches such as re-financing, market-oriented merger and acquisition, and restructuring. Also, it has cultivated a bunch of industrial leaders including Hikvision, BYD, Suning Commerce, Goldwind Science and Technology, Anhui USTC Iflytek and Goertek, who set their footholds on the main businesses and endeavor to grow stronger. In addition, with its sound market image and development trend, the SME Board also draws many model enterprises like SF Holding and Focus Media to join the vigorous platform. With the market value of over 230 billion yuan, SF Holding has expanded into a company boasting the largest market value in Shenzhen.


Over the past 26 years, SZSE, as an important institution in the capital market, has supported the listing of more than 1,900 companies whose market value totals more than 23 trillion yuan. Accordingly, SZSE has accumulated rich practical experience in and solid market foundation of serving enterprises, serving the local and serving the real economy. Next, SZSE will fully play its role of platform to constantly improve the construction of a multi-layer market system and enhance its capacity of financial infrastructure operation. Under the strong leadership of CRSC, SZSE will continue to be down to earth to make progress while ensuring stability, do solid and practical work and innovate so that it will serve more innovative start-ups and enterprises and unleash new forces of growth, endeavoring to serve the real economy and the general picture of the national “13th Five-year” development strategy from a high level and greater scope.